Thomas Nyström is a musician, composer and lyricist. Member of SKAP (Swedish Composers of Popular Music) and STIM Scholar 1999. Thomas has worked with songwriters such as Py Bäckman and has played bass with Nicolai Dunger and The Merrymakers.

Thomas has played live since the early 80s. He has performed on stages as Hultsfedsfestivalen, Piteå Dansar och ler, Trädstocks Festivalen, Luleåkalaset, Piteå Havsbad, Engelen Stockholm. He has also appeared live on P4 Norrbotten, SVT, TV4 Norrbotten, TV Botnia and the Swedish National Radio P3.

In the early 90s Thomas was one of the five guys who started the pop band The Merrymakers. He had just finished recording engineer education at the School of Music and was the band's studio knowledgeable.

With a demo recorded in the School of Music studio in Piteå Thomas and David went to Stockholm. The band had prepared carefully in the rehearsal room and sketched arrangements in Thomas studio and after a few days in the School of Music studio they now had an EP recorded.

They made the cover ​​in the rehearsal studio where they photographed themselves in funny clothes, developed images, then cut themselves out from photographs and arranged a landscape on the coffee table with blue paper background, hung up a paper sun and cotton balls as clouds in threads, gathered moss and rowan worn-branches outside the rehearsal room and bought toy animals in plastic that they put into the landscape and photographed at last the hole arrangement.

It resulted in an original and fun album covers and after they showed their demo for the label in Stockholm got a record deal with the legendary record label mogul Ola Håkansson, which released The EP and later a full-length album, Andrew's store in Sweden and Japan.

Andrew's store became a hit on the Swedish radio and the band got to play at Hultsfred Festival and in the Swedish television.


In parallel with the Merrymakers Thomas played with Liza & The Soulshakers in Luleå / Piteå and Elizabeth Sandstrom trio. They made ​​appearances on the air live from the studio 1 in Luleå and live gigs in Luleå, Piteå and all over Norrbotten, Norrbottensteatern and Lillian.

The time after Merrymakers and Liza & The Soulshakers Thomas played with a trio, "Mellow". They played jazzy acoustic pop, wrote their own songs and did live gig in Radio Norrbotten, TV4 and TV Botnia in Västerbotten. The setup was guitar, bass, vocals and the band did many live gigs in Västerbotten and Norrbotten from Umeå, Piteå up to Haparanda.

After Mellow Thomas played bass with Nicolai Dunger in festivals and TV. He then began working on his own solo album with Swedish lyrics and with help of Mårgan Höglund (drums), Thomas Tjärnkvist (guitar, piano) and Thomas Martin (Bass) he made ​​a demo and got a record deal with a small company operating in Umeå and Stockholm.

Thomas traveled Piteå, Umeå, Stockholm and played among others at Mosebacke, Crocodile in Piteå and in Ebenezer Luleå . He performed live at TV4 Norrbotten and worked simultaneously with finalizing his CD with producer Olle Hellström. Olle made ​​further cuts, paid for recordings and hired renowned studio musician in Stockholm at Polar studios (ABBA studio) and processed in such a way the previous demo recording that was the basis for the record.

1999 released the first single "De bästa minnena" and Thomas got STIM's scholarship of 25 000kr. It was a welcome addition and helped him in the effort to finnish his CD. He also received the Piteå-Tidningens Cultural Award 6000 kr for his ability to write songs and for his work in Piteå's where he on a voluntary basis did a project and helped young musicians making demos in his studio. A scholarship which was also a welcome contribution to the cultural act.

The record company continued to release songs to the radio and 2001 Thomas became a member of SKAP (Swedish composers and lyricists).

After 4 CD singles who all played frequently in the Swedish radio (three of them made ​​it to test on the Swedish charts and a single ended up on a list of the most played songs in radio nationwide) in 2004 at last his solo album "Ett blått hjärta" came out. The producer had made a distribution deal with Bonnier / Amigo and a proper record release occurred throughout Scandinavia.

Apart from his own music projects, Thomas has also been a songwriter for other artists. He has worked as a music teacher in primary, secondary and as a guest lecturer in music production at the Academy of Music in Piteå. He studied two years at Framnäs music program, one year on the as a sound engineer at College of Music in Piteå and worked with music production and as a sound engineer.

2012 Thomas also became a member of SSES Swedish Sound Engineers Society